Cheyyi cheyyi kalipi cheyutaniddam

Few members together made a documentary film named “HUMANITY”. Inspired by this documentary, a mentally retarded person was treated legally and was handed over to his parents. This documentary instilled a hope in those youngsters and one of them started an NGO called HELPING HANDS HUMANITY by the name of that documentary.

Organization was registered in Jagayyapet, Krishna district,AP in July 2012.
A group was created in Facebook and a mission named MISSION EDUCATION was started.
Different campaigns were conducted in 2012-2013 in slum areas, orphanages, govt schools etc to understand their problems and situations.
Throughout that one year, we held different campaigns and updated every campaign on Fb. Our Fb posts gained a good number of volunteers and supporters. Through these campaigns, apart from focusing on children education and health, we also distributed clothes, food, other basic needs etc.
We try our best to bring awareness among parents and children by motivating them. These campaigns gained trust and love on us from children and parents.
Hundreds of children from slums were joined in government hostels.

****Our DONORS are our PILLARS of strength and encouragement.
**** we are able to accomplish all our missions successfully with the help of generous donors.
****we thank all our DONORS for trusting us and supporting us throughout.

HHH currently runs 7 missions:


Our work started with this mission in 2012. People saw our good deeds on social media like facebook etc and came forward to sponsor the education of poor children. With the help of generous donors, we could join
18 children in 2013-2014,
25 children in 2014-2015,
37 children in 2015-2016,
10 children in 2016-2017,
44 children in 2017-2018,
30 children in 2018-2019,
in schools and colleges.We have almost donors who are financially supporting 176 children through our mission education. The children belong to different orphanage homes. Some of them are from HHH Homes . Some meritorious students whose parents are from poor background. Also these children belong to different states such as Andhra Pradesh,Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.


In which we conduct teaching classes to slum area children and in government schools and in orphanages etc. As part of it, the Volunteers of HHH would be taking tuitions to help the children complete their homework and they also look after the basic needs of the children and do continuous follow ups regarding health and education of the child.

Our main intentions in teaching in government schools are:
1. Make them punctual to school.
2. Make them disciplined.
3. Know their academic performance.
4. Motivate bright students to help others with learning.

Slum area:
1. Help them with their homework
2. Get to know their knowledge in each subject and help them improve
3. Make them understand the importance of health and education
4. Teach them to be disciplined
5. Educate them to be clean and neat
6. Teach them respect and sharing

Orphanage home:
1. Teach discipline.
2. Show same care and affection as parents.
3. love and cooperation among each other as a family.
4. Motivate them to build confidence.
5. Tell them the importance of health and education.


As a motto of this mission,we take mentally challenged people and beggars, sign them up in their respective homes and keep in constant touch.We aim to keep them happy and comfortable for the rest of their lives.


Through this mission we visit different homes like the HIV affected,cancer affected,homes for the deaf and dumb, orphanages and old aged homes and extend our helping hands.


We have adopted a village in Nelavancha in Warangal district and provided them with pure drinking water by installing a water purification plant, enabled them to create bank accounts to avail PM schemes,renovated the toilets in schools and bought them benches for the classrooms.We helped construct roads,3 phase power and attempted to uplift the infrastructure of the village and hope to do more.


Our mission is to spread awareness among people from different fields the importance of being human and helping people grow. We have been spreading awareness among the slum areas on the importance of education and health. In the future, we would love to spread awareness on the importance of being responsible citizens and execute our duties honestly.


Heading towards widening our horizons, we got a few donors to support the education of a children from the slum areas. Those children were taken and given shelter at our Attapur Home, which was launched in May 2016. We were driven to take such a step due to filthy living conditions of those children. They were deprived of minimum facilities like power and bathrooms. When we started the Home there were seventeen children in 2016-17, and it gradually increased to twenty five kids in 2017-18, right now we have thirty eight children. The Home is sheltering the orphans semi orphans and under privileged children helping them to live in a big and happy family.

In 2018, we moved those kids to Moti Nagar and Borabanda Homes. We catapulted two seperate homes for boys and girls respectively.
We are happy to bring to your notice that we are going to take up excel link as per the requirement at Girls Home Mothi Nagar and Boys Home Borabanda. Those who are interested to contribute are most welcome to help in this regard. This is pertaining to HHH Homes.

HOME REQUIREMENTS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SjPf8LlvyGdpzq5Szg_K3c13QqQgIqnXQ7wlkvHBB7U