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About HHH Home

Heading towards widening our horizons, we got a few donors to support the education of a children from the slum areas. Those children were taken and given shelter at our Attapur Home, which was launched in May 2016. We were driven to take such a step due to filthy living conditions of those children. They were deprived of minimum facilities like power and bathrooms. When we started the Home there were seventeen children in 2016-17, and it gradually increased to twenty five kids in 2017-18, right now we have thirty eight children. The Home is sheltering the orphans semi orphans and under privileged children helping them to live in a big and happy family.

In 2018, we moved those kids to Moti Nagar and Borabanda Homes. We catapulted two seperate homes for boys and girls respectively. We are happy to bring to your notice that we are going to take up excel link as per the requirement at Girls Home Mothi Nagar and Boys Home Borabanda. Those who are interested to contribute are most welcome to help in this regard. This is pertaining to HHH Homes.

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